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Three years ago, I made a radical choice to leave a successful career behind in order to embrace a bolder – more authentic – way of living.  Truth?  I thought finishing that chapter of my life would be the biggest decision I’d ever make.  Now, I realize I was just taking the first major step in discovering how much work I needed to do to be the kind of believer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend God has called me to be.  The journey has been joyful – albeit filled with stumbles.  While there is a long way to go, I have realized the following is true: our homes are sacred welcoming places for those we love; we must always make health and wellness a priority; and above all, we must have faith.  Always faith.

Let’s Connect

I love to hear from visitors to my page.  So many of you have lifted me up with your own testimonies and have been the inspiration for content seen here.  I try my best to respond to everyone who messages me.  If I am not quick with a reply – it is typically because I trying to write something thoughtful and articulate.  Please know, I am praying and sending warm fuzzies out to each and everyone of you!  Cheers and be blessed!