Last Minute Mom: Vampire Sun Butter Marshmallow Apple Teeth

UnknownFor all of you busy moms out there – you know what I’m talking about.  It’s the night before Halloween.  It’s late.  You’re exhausted.  You’ve been up since 4:45 a.m. being a domestic goddess, perfect wife, mother and excellent employee.  All you want is to kick back with a coffee cup of wine and watch some bad tv.  And then it hits you…You forgot to make the freaking special snack for your kids’ Halloween party tomorrow at school. Suddenly, you feel more afraid than Drew Barrymore did in the opening scene of “Scream.”  But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.  You are going to make Vampire Sun Butter Marshmallow Apple Teeth.  It will take less than an hour and you will look like a hot momma rock star when you roll into the PTO party with these bad boys.


Vampire Cat.If you’ve already guzzled that mug of wine, send your significant other to the store or call an Uber and hustle yourself to any Target, Meijer or Wal-Mart.  Head straight for the “Halloween” aisle (all stores have one) and then go to grocery for the following items.  Note: You could even pull this off on your lunch break with some support from well-intended colleagues who have “been there.”


Last Minute Mom Shopping List:

  • Seasonally appropriate paper napkins (Cocktail size – if there are no seasonal napkins left – just buy white ones.)
  • Seasonally appropriate ribbon (Black, orange, even white – who cares.)
  • Plastic knives
  • Plastic vampire teeth
  • Seasonal halloween treat bags or humble standard sandwich ziplock baggies will do (Slap a halloween sticker on the plain ziplock bag if you are feeling particularly motivated.)
  • Ziplock snack bags
  • Pre-packaged individual containers of Sun Butter (Beware the dreaded peanut allergy – don’t be that insensitive heel who brings a nut product to school and ostracizes a kid in front of his entire class.)
  • Pre-cut apple slices (Buy the pre-cut slices – you don’t have time to slice fruit! Store all out of pre-cut apple slices? Drive through your nearest Mickey-D’s and order as many as you need – they cost practically nothing, come in individual pre-packaged bags, and will save you so much precious time that could be better spent sleeping or watching reality tv. All praise the Golden Arches.)
  • The little mini marshmallows

The next part is easy.  Assembly.  Resume your coffee cup wine drinking. 

Open the marshmallows.  Eat a couple.  Then put a few into as many individual snack File Oct 30, 9 04 05 PMbags as you need (one snack pack per child).  Put one knife, one napkin, one pre-packaged Sun Butter, one pack of pre-cut apples slices, and one pack of mini-marshmallows into the treat bag or sandwich sized ziplock bag.  Tie with ribbon and a pair of the plastic vampire teeth.

Voila!  You just created a simple snack/craft kit that can be easily executed by the eager students at their annual Halloween party.  Plus you even gave them something (kind of) healthy before they gorge themselves with candy.  Stroll into the class party with your snack packs (“Oh, just something I whipped up.”) as you toss your hair over your shoulder while you hand the teacher a pumpkin-spiced latte with your perfectly manicured hands.

File Oct 30, 9 04 35 PMExecuting the craft/snack in class is simple.  Hand each child a snack/craft kit.  Tell them to open it.  Instruct them to open the Sun Butter packet.  Use the plastic knife to spread the Sun Butter on the side of two apple slices.  Stick some marshmallows around the rim of each apple slice to mimic teeth.  Place two slices – complete with “teeth” on top of the other slice.  Instruct to eat or chase their friends around.

Bam.  Let the mom envy commence.  Happy Merry Scary Everyone!

Need Help Executing this “Last Minute Mom” Project?  Feel free to message me! 

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