Ice Cream Social

Nothing is more precious for a little girl’s birthday party than an ice cream social!  I was so excited to host an event at Kimmer’s Ice Cream in Saint Charles, Illinois for one special birthday princess.  The party hats and vases were custom made.  For giveaways, we did vintage ice cream dishes from Crate & Barrel with a Kimmer’s famous “Sparkle Cone” and a coupon for a “free scoop.”

It was truly a magical day with birthday memories that will last a lifetime.  To preserve those memories – I always count on the professional photography skills of Kathy Green of RCG Photography.

Want to Plan the Perfect Party? Let’s Connect!

Planning the perfect ice cream social isn’t easy.  I love sharing my tips and tricks with my readers.  Need additional support?  Connect with me below.

2 thoughts

  1. You’re amazing!!!! The decor and photos are incredible thank you for using your skills to transform our shop into a dream world! I really appreciate your business and shout-out’s! Hope to see you in St. Charles soon!


    • Thanks Kim! It is easy to style a lovely event when you have such a beautiful setting to work with. Your team was incredible. Our guests are still talking about the party. And don’t worry – if we have an ice cream craving (which is often) – my family will always head to Kimmer’s! I was so excited to see your product for sale at Blue Goose Market too! xo


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