Transformed by the Word.

Recently, my church asked me to give testimony about my transformation through Christ.  My relationship with Jesus is just that – a relationship – and it is ongoing.  In this short video – you get to hear from me first hand how God got my attention – and how my life was never the same after.

Have Questions about my Faith Story? Let’s Connect!

I did not become a Christ Follower overnight.  My relationship with Jesus started when I was at the lowest point of my young adult life.  It took nearly a decade before I would be baptized.  No matter where you are in your faith journey – please connect with me below.  If I can be a resource to you – I will certainly try.  If you need prayer, I will gladly pray for you.  Walk boldly toward Jesus!  He is waiting with loving and open arms.

One thought

  1. Good afternoon, Cat! Oh, how I enjoyed coming upon your story on this gorgeous Sunday in SPRING (finally!). Thank you for sharing your journey, and thank you, too, for sharing your gifts with the CASA community. I am blessed to know a little bit of you and pray to learn more as we serve Illinois’ children together!


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