Unicorn Makeover Party

Unicorns are very trendy right now.  I mean, unicorns are always trendy to 8 year old girls, but unicorn parties are super desirable.  For this event, a discerning birthday princess declared that she wanted a “Magical Unicorn Makeover Party.”  Our team got hard to work designing the perfect event.

I am proud to have collaborated with It’s a Girl Thing in Geneva, Illinois as the venue for the party.  Mary and her team did an excellent job “making over” the girls with fancy up-dos complete with glitter (so much glitter!).  Guests were led through a series of games before getting to “dress up” and do a live fashion show.

At the end, the made-over unicorn princesses dined on pizza (of course) and treats from a candy bar custom designed by yours truly.  The candy bar was full stocked with goodies from our friends at Rocket Fizz and Blue Goose Market both located in Saint Charles, Illinois.


Planning the perfect ice cream social isn’t easy.  I love sharing my tips and tricks with my readers.  Need additional support?  Connect with me below.

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