Passion for Plates

I am obsessed with plates.  I love high-end designer dinnerware sold at luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus.  I love antique plates from second hand stores and local boutiques.  I love plates on clearance at Home Goods and World Market.  Lord help me at a garage or estate sale.  I squeal when I see a pattern that catches my eye.

The other day, I saw a collection of plates in an Instagram post from one of my favorite local boutiques (SG Too in Saint Charles, Illinois).  I was on the phone with the store begging them to hold the set for me until I could fly over in the minivan on my lunch break to scoop them up.  I am now the proud owner of a vintage Mackenzie Childs summer ware collection.  All is right in the world.

I think the reason I love plates so much is because of what they promise – namely – that friends and loved ones will gather over those plates to share a beautiful meal together lovingly prepared by my family in our home.  A plate isn’t just a thing.  It is the vessel for the food that will breed laughter, conversation and many beautiful memories.

You will see table top throughout my website – as I cannot really plan an event or celebration without giving the plates a tremendous amount of thought (sometimes I buy plates and then plan an event around them!).  However, continue to return to this page to see my favorites.

From my family to yours – Cheers and be Blessed! 


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