Set the Perfect Table for Easter

Table top design is one of my favorite parts of hosting an event (whether private or for my own family).  A great table top is all about layering different textures to create a unique and one of a kind look. When I am designing a table top scheme – I use the following tips and tricks.  I hope they will help you as you design your own spring tabletop.

Linens & Fabric: Think of table linens, fabrics, napkins and runners as the foundation of your table setting.  If you have an amazing table with unique features – think twice before putting a table cloth on it.  Opt for a runner instead.  As a general rule, I only use a full length table cloth when (1) the table I’m using is a standard banquet table with folding legs etc. or (2) if I am trying to protect an otherwise beautiful table from a rowdy crowd of party goers (i.e., Kids! Well, and Super Bowl fans).  By using a runner over a table, you create a layered look that honors the lovely exposed elements of the table (wood, marble etc.) – while also adding a pop of color or detail.  If you do need to use a full length table cloth – consider layering a runner on as well.  Again, it is all about contrast and creating an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

Regarding napkins, I use napkins that compliment my table linens – but are not identical.  In this year’s Easter design, I used a lovely brown and white checkered table runner.  Rather than having “matchy matchy” napkins – I relied upon light brown linen napkins.  Styled up with a festive Eater Egg Napkin Ring – the linens are a perfect complement to the dish ware described below.

Dishes, Glasses & Silverware:  When styling dishes, the rule of thumb is complimentary – but not matching.  For example, in my Easter tabletop – I layered distressed gold chargers, with pale green, white and gold polka dot dinner plates and a plain white salad plate.  To “dress” up the setting, I placed a brown linen napkin with Easter Egg Napkin Ring on the top of the salad plate – giving the entire look a “festive” vibe.  For the silverware, I found these adorable burlap stitched silverware holders from one of my favorite local boutiques (Royal Wren, Geneva)  Again, the benefit of layering with natural elements is that everything looks complimentary – even if the shades are slightly different.  Finally, I selected fun vintage pink glassware with raised eater bunnies to stay true to the whimsy of the season.

Floral Design: I do not like tall floral arrangements on dining tables.  I find that they obstruct the guests’  view and burden conversation.  Reserve “statement” arrangements for the bar area or at another place where  they will not be intrusive.  Or, opt for a statement wall arrangement like I did here with wooden angel wings (Cocoon, Geneva) and oversized roses (Paper Merchant, Geneva).  For my Easter table, I used simple cream and pink roses and arranged them into squat mason jars with a natural twine element.  I placed them around an incredible Jan Barboglio handblown wine decanter with iron cross decal (Artemisia, Geneva).

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