Catherine “Cat” Battista lives in the suburbs of Chicagoland with her husband and three children.  She is a lover of flowers, rustic and intimate celebrations, food, friendship and family.  In the center of all of these things – is her un-abashed faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Prior to starting her lifestyle site, Cat was a top-ranked trial attorney in Illinois and repeatedly featured in Chicago Magazine as an “up and coming” lawyer “to watch.”  In spite of her outward success, she was miserable.  Until one day, when she walked out of the doors of her law firm – and never looked back.

imageThis site is not only a celebration of faith, flowers and food – but is also the story of everything that happened after Cat exchanged a toxic career for a genuine way of living.  She quickly discovered that outward success means nothing; what others “think of you” is irrelevant; and that life should be centered around the home, health and God.

According to Cat, “It is my sincere hope that others will hear my story – and make it their story.  Or even better, make it ‘God’s Story!’  We put so much pressure on  ourselves to be ‘who’ society expects us to be.  But is ‘society’ in our homes at night?  Are they holding our hands when we are ill?  Are they answering our prayers?  Probably not.  I have made so many mistakes – and have fallen so many times – but I would take an authentic way of living, even with the bumps and bruises, over a disingenuine one any day.  Have faith.  And trust this, if I can do it – you can too.  Start living your authentic life now.”